Sunday, September 20, 2009

dreams never die !!!

dreams never die
What anyone could do to your dreams?

Dreams are like untitled poems
You don’t know where will it begin and where will it end
It’s within you…nobody can take them away
To pursue or block is up to you

When you move in the walk of life
On a nailed road or a flower filled path
It hurts or cherishes
Let the scars of life spell out the stories
Even if it orders to “end your dreams”
Don’t allow anyone to whip away your dreams

Sometimes there’s so much to say; too little to think
But sometimes there’s so much to think; too little to say
Neither speak nor think but
Be busy with your endless dreams
Like a phoenix bird which rises out of the ashes again and again
Let your dreams rise again and again from within
I vowed
I’ll dream again…
I’ will not allow my dreams to be erased….
I started dreaming…………..

A poem on Abdul Kalam

A poem on Abdul Kalam

Sometimes poems inspire you to think over for a very long time and this is one among them................

SUN, as I met

On the first day of 'his' existence

Sun asked 'him' a question

"who are you?"

'He ' did not reply,

With great faith 'he' was proceeding on his chosen path…

On the last day of 'his' existence

Sun again asked him same question

"who are you?"

He replied with a firm belief …

I am self luminous… self existent like you

Sun laid down all his weapons and surrendered himself.

And it was his one more defeat by human being…

-- Yogini S. Surve
Great poem is it not?..............Aruna

who is the eye of your eyes?

dear all
There is a long journey before we next meet and
it may be on this dusty ground, we can leave our footprints

The good news is no one can make you feel unhappy.
The really good news is you can not make anyone else unhappy.
And the really, REALLY good news is you can make yourself happy
by doing good to others
by donating ur eyes

Seeing through misty eyes, is never so clear,
but why to bother? when there is no light to be seen
Tears flow like a river from the eyes
but why to bother?there's no sign of life in it.....

O God! can I not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the dark day and night

I pulled back the curtains of my life,
and opened its beauty
I decided I'll choose my destiny
Who is the Eye of my eye;
Who is the Eye of my eye;
Who is the Eye of my eye;
Is it a dream within a dream?
One day I'll be gone - gone from me.
Gone from this world.
No matter what happens, those eyes will one day close
And forever rest in peace.
But I'll never be completely gone,

Because every time she or he blink her eyes
There I will be living forever thro'my eyes
have u decided ??????????????
who will be the eye of ur eyes?

who will be the eye of ur eyes?
B the proud owner of an eye donor card

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Are butterflies extinct?"

As I sat alone near the window
watching the drizzling sky
enjoying nature's gift,
counting my blessings;
that I could enjoy the rain,
beautiful landscapes,
fresh mudflavoured air........
My daughter came with a question;
Mama have you seen a dinosaurus?
I said "'s extinct"
She asked "are butterflies extinct?
I have not seen them.....mama....
I was wordless........
I could give the next generation only the butterfly less world............
Somewhere I'm also responsible for that.....
Are we not?