Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Try to give that golden moments!

The pressure parents these days put on their kids is very stressful. Children have already a lot on their head with school and worrying about life after school. Its a lot to handle for them at that age. So teens start lying for many different reasons. Habitual lying or any such behavioral issue is often the surface of many underlying issues.

For a teenager, friends mean the world. And if we don’t allow them to meet their friends, taking away some of your teenager's freedom (like not letting them go out with friends, they go violent. If the teen is stubborn, it tends to be your teen’s need for your attention that is placed on the head; don’t hesitate to talk to them about it. This happens normally because teens become so capable of handling their own basic daily needs

An important goal when communicating with teens is talking with them…. just to talk. This helps build and strengthen the bond between you. While it can be hard ‘just to talk’ with a teenager, it is possible. Encourage your teen by being there for him/her. . parent is an important key in an adolescents' discipline Sometimes what a troubled teen really craves for inside is just some quality time with a parent. Try to give that golden moments!